Arlo Netgear Camera

Whenever we talk about Arlo, always used to access the setting.
Arlo security camera is the brand name that is best in the market for Providing Security Solution for Home use, Business Purpose. Even good for Public gathering Places as well provide one of the best security cameras with best services inbuilt in it.

It will go to record all the specious movements happen at your place or workplace. It is the easiest way to track any records and any unwanted movement. The best part about the Arlo camera is to observe various cameras at one time. It helps us maintain the Proper Security nearby you and Also send us proper notification Alert on your Registered Email ID.

Arlo provides you various types of the camera which you can set up at your Home, Apartments, Offices, Garage, Workplace. The best one in the market is Arlo Baby Monitor Camera easy to set up the only thing you need to do is

Why we choose Arlo?

If you want to see the cameras whether it is online or not, make Arlo Login Account and for doing that make sure you need to plug-in Ethernet cable between your Netgear Modem or Netgear Router to Base Station. Make sure before that you need to check out all the cable plug into your base station. Check out the Status of Lights that means see the color of power LED light of base station which should be Green and Once the internet cable is plug in to Base Station. Check out the status of Internet Light on your base station which need to green and stable. You need to plug in the base station to the wall jack (Recommended). After that you need to SYNC the Cameras with base Station. Once the Camera connects to the base station the cameras lights will turn on (GreenLight).

Following steps you need to follow while setting up Arlo Cameras:

  • To set up the Arlo Cameras. First, you need to Plug in the Arlo Base Station to Power Source and wait until the power light is a stable green light,
  • Once the Color of the power light is green, you need to Plug in the Ethernet Cable to your Base Station from your Modem or Netgear Router,
  • When the Color of Internet Light is green that means it is connected with the Internet,
  • Plugin the Battery to your Cameras and See the Color of Power Light on your Camera,
  • After plugging in the Battery we need to set up a connection between Base Station and Cameras.
setting up Arlo Cameras


  • To set up the Cameras with your base station, you need to connect with the same Network from which means it connects your base station.
  • Make sure you can use a Computer or Laptop for setup the Arlo As per Recommendation,
  • Open a Web Browser and Type the web address on the top of the Browser,
  • You need to follow the instructions on the Computer and at the end, it will try to Detect the Base Station on your Network,
  • Once it recognizes the Base Station, it will go to show you the Serial Number, Time Zone. It will show you the Box where you can assign a name to your Arlo Base Station,
  • After going through all these steps you need to register yourself with Arlo Netgear. By typing the details like Full name, Email ID, Password and after it Hit Create an Account.
  • Further to Step the Cameras with the Base you need to put the batteries into your cameras and see the color of power light it should be blink once,
  • Start the SYNC process by pressing the SYNC button on the Base Station for 3 seconds and after it. Presses the SYNC button on the Camera for 2 seconds. Makes sure while you are pressing the button recommended distance shouldn’t be over 3 feet.
  • Well once it is going through the Step up process with the base station it would be Start flashing blue initially and after it remains white.

NOTE: Arlo base station also shows the color of lights on it which would be green in color mostly. After it we can see the features in the Arlo which is quite good and easy to access while working on the Arlo.

How to Setup my Arlo Smart Home Security Camera?

Arlo camera is very easy to set up, and it is interesting to know while you are setting up the camera. It would be seen on the computer screen (Arlo Smart Login Screen). There are a few steps that you need to follow when you set up the Arlo Smart home security Camera.

  • Make sure when you Unbox the Arlo HD Camera it should contain: 
  • Arlo Camera Kit,
  • An Ethernet Cable,
  • Power Adapter,
  • Equipments Hardware for Mounting your Camera,
  • Quick Start Guide,
  • Base Station, Magnetic Mount Camera and Batteries for Camera.
  • For Initial Setup make sure you have proper Internet Access at your place. (we need proper broadband service or router or modem at your place as per recommendation) with an ethernet port available on it.
  • Plugin the Base Station to the power source directly into the wall jack and wait until the color of the power light is green.
  • Arlo HD Camera Kit contains an Ethernet Cable which you can use to plug into the Base station (yellow port) at the backside. The other end of the same cable plug into your Modem or Router.
  • Further, once it is connected to the internet, you need to see the color of Internet light on the base station (Green Stable Light needs to lit up on it).
  • Now you have to turn on the computer or laptop which needs to connect with the same network through which your Base station is connected.
  • Open up the web browser on your computer where you need to type “” after that it will take you to page.
  • Where it asks for email id and password but you need to select the option “New to Arlo?”
Arlo Smart Home Security Camera


  • Once you click on it, select the device you would like to add. You need to select the Base Station / Hub out of Various choices.
  • Further, you select the Base Station it will take you next steps where it asks to plug in the Ethernet cable between Base station and Router
  • Which we already plugin so you can select the next Continue button.
  • Now it is going to tell you to plug in the Power Adapter into an outlet which is already plugin so you just click on the Continue button.
  • Once you click on continue it will show you the screen where it shows you Discovering your devices…Please wait.
  • When it discovered the device it will be going to show you the MAC number of the device and ask you about Arlo’s Name which you can type in by yourself.
  • After that, once you are done with the details you need to click Next or Continue from where it takes you to the registration page.


  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email ID
  •  Password
  • Confirm password and
  • Two Security questions.
login into your Arlo

Click Submit, If Email ID is correct it will register you and create your account. You need to login into your Arlo account and after that you need to  set up your camera to your base station. For doing this process you need to press Sync Button on the base station for 03 second and press sync button on the top of the camera for 02 seconds. While doing this process make sure the distance between base station and camera shouldn’t more than 3 feet. Well while doing this process you will see some change on the camera’s light. It starts blinking blue rapidly for 10 seconds after that it turns off and then solid blue which means it up and running.

You need to do the same steps with your all the camera and after performing this task. You can easily see your camera by login into Arlo Smart Portal. Now you can give a name to your camera and put it to the place where you want to.

How does the Look-Back feature work on my Arlo Ultra or Arlo Pro 2 camera?

Look back pre-records feature is one of the best parts in Arlo Ultra or Arlo Pro 2 Camera, where you can see the recorded video before the motion is happening or record before it detects the motion. It is interesting to know that you can see this feature work only on Arlo Ultra or Arlo Pro 2 Camera.

For see this Look-Back Feature on your camera make sure your base station should be plugin into the power source.

NOTE: “Make sure it shouldn’t be a plugin to the Arlo Solar panel Charger as per recommendation.”

  • To see the lookback feature on your camera make sure the motion detection feature is enabled or if there is any other mode is activated (Motion detection is also enabled in that mode).
  • To Set up your Arlo Ultra or Arlo Pro 2 camera to record Look Back feature:
  • Plugin your Arlo Camera and it should be properly set up with Base Station.
  • Open up your Arlo Smart App or login into your smart Arlo Web Portal “” by putting the login credential.
  • When motion is detected, your camera uses a pre-buffer to record the three seconds before it detects the motion. Your motion-triggered video recording will be easy to see in your respective device.

How does the motion detection feature work on my Arlo cameras?

Arlo camera has a very beautiful feature that helps you to record almost 180 degrees. You can easily see through the camera and it will record almost all the motion. When you set up the Arlo Camera you can see different kinds of modes that help you set up the motion detection for your particular camera. You can also check out for Arlo Support and For doing that you need to login into your Arlo Smart Portal “” from where you can select the mode under which you can following option:

  1. Armed
  2. Disarmed
  3. Schedule
  4. Geo fencing

Out of these options if we talked about Armed mode where you can set up a trigger on motion, sound, and Time lapse for recording.

With Disarmed there is not trigger to motion, no sound for the camera.

In Schedule mode, there would be a time in which you can set up the trigger to motion and sound.

The last one is Geo fencing mode where you can set up a virtual fence that helps to discover the place where something or somebody enter or exit. It will record it or doesn’t record according to the selection of the individual.

How do I see my cameras through a Mobile Phone?

To see the Cameras through your Phone you have to install the App on your Mobile Phone. Make sure your Phone should have Android Process and IOS Process inbuilt in it.

After it you have to Install the Arlo Netgear Application in your Mobile Phone, Once it is installed in your phone you need to open your app. It will be going to ask your credential for the login where you can type your Register Email Id and Password for the Arlo into it. Where it will allow you to see the camera on your phone. You can also select the option of Push Notification through which you can receive the Alerts. All the notification on your Mobile Phone and register Email ID.

mount my camera from my ceiling

Am I able to mount my camera from my ceiling?

Yes, you can mount your Arlo Camera with your ceiling. Through which it records the motion with a maximum angle which means it records almost every motion.

Note: If you want to mount your camera at your ceiling make sure you can get the Ceiling Magnetic Bracket Indoor. Through which it is easier for you to connect the camera with Ceiling Magnetic Bracket.

Does an add-on Arlo Ultra camera include a SmartHub?

No, It doesn’t include the SmartHub. SmartHub is an additional thing that helps you to create a protected network with your router. Through which your video footage gets stored in Micro SD Card (has local storage inbuilt in it). It helps you to regulates the WiFi traffic, improve battery life, and Local storage inbuilt in it.

Does Arlo Ultra have an integrated siren?

Yes, Arlo Ultra has an integration with Siren which can set up to trigger manually or automatically. It has inbuilt in the camera which means it starts working whenever it detects any motion or audio. A Siren sound always plays an important role when you are not at home.

Can I use my Arlo Ultra indoors and outdoors? Yes, Arlo Ultra use at Indoors and Outdoors Purpose. Well, if we talk about the outdoor camera. It is weather resistant and doesn’t require continuous power as well as wire-free Moreover outdoor-rated charge cable.

I can’t log in into my Arlo account from my Laptop?

 If you can’t log in into your Arlo web portal, you can try a few steps to login back in:

  • When you try to login into Arlo web portal make sure you need to type that Email Id which is register at the time of setup and types the same password.
  •  If Still not login into your Arlo account, you can reset your password by typing the same Email ID (Registered Email ID). You can see the link in your email id once you login into your email, if you need to click on it where it asks for New Password and Confirm Password.
  • Once you change the password, you can log in into your Arlo account by using the new password). If you don’t know the Registered Email and Password then you need to reset your base station by using a paper clip. For doing that you have to look at the backside of base station you can see the reset hole put the paper clip into it. Press and hold it for 12-15 seconds.
  • Once it reset you need to set up the new account with New Email ID or different email id other than registered email id. Set up a new password according to that after going through this setup process. It allows you to login into Arlo account.

What does color night vision mean?

Color night vision means whenever you want to see some kind of recorded clips in your Arlo Security Camera in Night-Time. It always show you in Black & White mode. In you want to see the video Clip or Image in Color mode for that you have to have set up an Arlo Ultra. It helps you to record video clip in color mode at Night I mean to say Arlo Ultra can output images and Clips in color, even at night.

What is High Dynamic Range (HDR)?

HDR in Arlo Ultra helps you to see the images in a proper way in bright and dark areas in the same picture. HDR means High Dynamic Range this function is inbuilt in Arlo Ultra only. It works automatically and also optimized for outdoor environments.

How wide is the viewing angle on Arlo Ultra?

Arlo Ultra has a 180-degree diagonal line with a wide range for motion detection. Through this, it would be easier to see the panorama view.

Why did you move the magnet from inside the camera to the mount?

Moving magnet enables to set up a proper magnetic mounting solution that helps your camera full articulation and mounting angles. The perfect shape of magnet mounting and camera makes both the parts connect easily.

What are the benefits of 4K in a security camera?

4K help to see more details about recorded Clip and images. Moreover, it will help you to see the proper image while doing Zoomed in.

What are the auto-track and zoom features?

In Arlo Ultra when motion detection is activated, it detects the motion and records the motion and if it required to zoom in it will do that automatically. This recorded clips going to be stored in the cloud for your easy access and playback use.

When does the integrated spotlight turn on?

The spotlight function works automatically in Arlo Ultra Camera, It turns on whenever Arlo Ultra detects any motion. You can also manually turn it on or off.

What are the benefits of the SmartHub?

There are many benefits of SmartHub with your Arlo Ultra, With SmartHub you can protect your footage by adding a secure, personal network to your router. SmartHub also helps to regulate WiFi traffic, improves battery life, and has local storage where you can put a microSD card.

Does Arlo Ultra include 1 year of Arlo Smart?

Yes. Arlo Ultra kit comes with 1 year of Arlo Smart which included in every Arlo Ultra kit.

What are the benefits of the magnetic charger?

The magnetic charger in Arlo Ultra is the one of best function provides an easy, snap-in, truly weather-resistant charging solution for both indoors and out.